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March 2012

@gcameron00 Yep, 34.1% of February downloads were from Symbian^1 aka S60 5th edition. 13 different S^1 models. /Hugo

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Congratulations to @heathcr for the correct answer! Craig, you win exclusive @Mobbler wallpaper! Pick from here: /Hugo

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Breaking those down, S^3: 11.4%, Anna: 3.2%, Belle: 10.8%. / S60 3.0: 3.7%, 3.1: 17.5%, 3.2: 18.6%. /Hugo

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Quiz answers! S60 3rd ed. has most downloads (40%), then S60 5th ed. (34%), then Symbian^3 (inc. Anna and Belle) (26%)

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@sockymon Nope! Anna is only 3.2% and Belle is 10.8%. S60 3rd ed. has the most with 40%, then 5th ed. with 34%.1. Other S^3 is 11.4%. /Hugo

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@NJaszczur Wrong! Belle only accounts for 10.8% of all downloads. S60 3rd edition has 40%, of which 18.6% are S60 3.2 and 17.5% are S60 3.1.

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@Nokia_Connects Quiz time! Which has most @Mobbler downloads in @Nokia Store: S60 3rd ed., S60 5th ed. or Symbian^3 (inc. Anna and Belle)?

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Quiz time! Which has the most @Mobbler downloads in the @Nokia Store: S60 3rd edition, S60 5th edition or Symbian^3 (inc. Anna and Belle)?

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