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April 2011

@Youssef90 Dude, what are you doing following a crappy Symbian application then?!

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March @OviByNokia Store stats! Platform share: #Symbian^3 16%, Symbian^1: 39%, S60 3rd ed: 44% => S60 3.2: 19%, S60 3.1: 21%, S60 3.0: 5%.

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@ltomuta You only need a sub to stream radio. Scrobbling local music and all the other stuff is free. And earlier versions has free streams.

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March @OviByNokia Store stats! @Nokia N8 11.2%, 5800 XpressMusic 10.2%, E71 8.8%, 5233 7.0%, 6790 Slide 6.5%, 5230 6.4%, E63 5.7%, C7 4.2%

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March @OviByNokia Store stats! Top 13: India, USA, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, Russia, UK, Spain, Italy, Finland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Indone.

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Kat_in_Chains Just discovered Mobbler on my *cough* Nokia 5800 =D This is an utterly amazing discovery #music

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Thecoffeefiend Symbian’s so crap. There’s only one good app for it (@mobbler), but it makes up for the rest.

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@shardul1994 I think it’s legal for @Mobbler. Anyway, it’s open source including all strings so you’re welcome to modify and build yourself.

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@picsanya Oh but it does! Just press that big red heart button! /Hugo

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@SamusAranX The prestigious black icon is for subscribers. thinks you are: See also /Hugo

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@SamusAranX That’s an idea, we’ll think about it, thanks! You can always find the chagelog here: /Hugo

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@SamusAranX That’s right. Due to an Ovi Store signing limitation, Mobbler will install as a new application: /Hugo

via TweetDeck in reply to SamusAranX adds pause! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! Don’t worry, it’ll be coming soon to Mobbler too. #Symbian #Nokia

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Preview of @Mobbler on the new #Nokia #E6 (running #Symbian Anna) (Thanks @ltomuta!)

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@burstintoflames But Mobbler’s not an official client. See , you may be able to stream with an older version. /Hugo

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@ShadigoIzayoi If you have an S60 phone (i.e. pre-N8/Symbian^3) an older version may still stream radio until disable it. /Hugo

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@nboy_ The problem is there aren’t any decent legal sites that provide lyrics through a useful API, they keep closing down… /Hugo

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It’s Mobbler’s third free as in beer birthday! Not Open for Business, just Open Source! #April8 #Symbian #Nokia

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The service we used for lyrics have turned off their API, so fetching lyrics doesn’t work. We’ll replace or remove it in the next release.

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