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September 2010

@markmessinger Mobbler doesn’t work with the Nokia N8.

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When ye grow weary, make “Mobbler language” walk th’ plank from App Manager or grab yer own real lingo:… Yaar!

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Avast me hearties, Sunday is #TalkLikeAPirateDay! Haul ye scrobbles like a pirate wi’… ! #ITLAPD #Symbian #TLAPD

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.@AAS Can someone get one or two for the Mobbler team so we can get it working on Symbian^3, please? #Symbian

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AAS All the developers are being given an N8. Should build some good momentum. It’s not quite final software. #nokiaworld

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ARJWright Days like this are perfect for biking and @mobbler pushing @lastfm playlists (Raphael Saadiq radio, currently playing Maxwell’s Ascension)

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Hi, guys! I made a thing that will scrobble your @lastfm events, if they have setlists on @songkick. More info here:

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Korean is @Mobbler’s 37th language! If you’d like to add or update a translation, here’s how:… Thanks! #Symbian

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@petrskuta Thanks! A few new strings have just been added that need translating. /Hugo

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