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May 2010

@oyog @kriwil It’s a bit over a megabyte per minute at 128 kbps, and a bit over half a megabyte per minute at 64 kbps. /Hugo

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@pmortari Sometimes that is caused by bad or missing ID3 tags, sometimes the CLF API just doesn’t work: /Hugo

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@pmortari Hello there! Yep, it’s a known issue, here’s a suggested workaround: /H

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Top 10 Ovi Store downloaders, April 2010: India, Turkey, UK, Saudi Arabia, USA, Germany, Egypt, Indonesia, UAE, Russia. #Symbian

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@symbianguru Nope. I have some ideas in that direction, but not started anything yet.

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@c1rrus @wob86 Apparently there is no audio when playing the radio and the volume keys no crash the app.

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We hear that Mobbler doesn’t work on the N8. We have no way of fixing it without the device. Anyone fancy helping us?

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@chansearrington Well that doesn’t sound good. I guess someone at Nokia must be hard at work fixing these bc breaks…

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Have any Nokia peoples tried Mobbler on the N8? Is it working okay?

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