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April 2010

@gcameron00 Yeah, me too. The N70 and N80 are the most popular smartphones in India, the top downloading country. /Hugo

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Phone Model Top 5 for @Mobbler (by Ovi downloads, March 2010) - Nokia 5800, N97, N80, E71, 5530. #Symbian

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@irfun4ever Thanks! Have some Mobbler wallpaper as a little thank you! /Hugo

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Country Top 5 for @Mobbler (by Ovi downloads, March 2010) - India, UK, unresolved, Germany, Turkey. #Symbian

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If you’re having problems with Mobbler it’s probably because are having problems. See here

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gdodgen Mobbler tip: for Artist, you can use phrases like “christmas”, “saxophone” or “classical guitar” if you’re unsure of who you’d like to hear.

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@rece5book We’ll have that in the next release, hopefully out in a few weeks. /Hugo

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Hi, guys! made some changes to their track pages and on-demand services. Mobbler is not affected.

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@jemimakiss Please consider me for App of the Day. I would love you forever!

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Also, if you have any thoughts on things to do in Hong Kong in the rain, please do let me know.

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Hi, guys! Mobbler is 2 years old today. Happy birthday from Hong Kong! #mobblerontour #symbian

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@tamarillo Just in Auckland for one day. Been touring around the South Island for a bit and am now in Christchurch for a friends wedding.

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@tamarillo Cheers! I’ll see what I can find in that area.

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@GlennDCitrix Cheers! So is that a good area for bars, etc? I’ve been enjoying making friends in hostels so might try to find one of them.

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Hi, New Zealand friends! Anyone know where is best to stay in Auckland? #mobblerontour

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