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March 2010

@dizizsander We asked SE, but they don’t want to make public the API for listening to their music player so we can’t scrobble it… /Hugo

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@aktiwary I’d love to go back to India! Especially if I’m now a celebrity there! /eartle

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@pmortari Yeah, there are a few known issues and we’re getting better at fixing them. New version when I’m back from my jollidays may help.

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Hi, guys! I’ve arrived in New Zealand after an awesome few days in Tokyo. Not seen anyone using Mobbler yet… /eartle #mobblerontour

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@mike_bradford Yes, it doesn’t show up for a few phones for some reason. Thanks for letting us know! /Hugo

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@laurw Hey, there! C:\System\Data\Mobbler\wallpaperimage.mbm. We also save artist/album images in the folder that the mp3s are. /eartle

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@ninjalandpirate Not yet. Just been testing the dev version. We’ll hopefully get another beta out soon though.

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@EddieTenshi Just got it working. You’ll have to wait until we finish it off and make a release.

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@WorldFM Only just got it working myself. All in good time my friend.

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@irfun4ever Not really at beta quality yet. We should do some more beta testing soon though…

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Tweeting from Mobbler: Probably my favourite ever organ solo: Bessie Smith by Bob Dylan and The Band:

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RT @topgold: Pensioners in the house think my no-SIM @Mobbler on an old phone jacked into an old TV is the best tech they’ve seen this year.

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@jarijohan What phone have you got? It’s not showing up for a couple in the search.

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Hi, guys! Here’s a #Symbian Foundation blog post about Mobbler getting in the Ovi Store.

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Mobbler is now in the Ovi Store! Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. That means you!

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@cocinerox That looks interesting, but we’ll probably keep it simple and not do that to start with. Cheers!

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@markitoshoppus I see. I’ll keep it in mind, but you’ll probably be stuck with whatever format we decide to start with.

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@cocinerox I know of it, but not used it. I’ll have a look at what they do. Cheers!

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@osornios Good news! You may be getting all of them, but I was asking what you’d like the default message to be. Not which one you’d prefer.

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@markitoshoppus Isn’t that just a twitter client?

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Don’t worry: the tweeting will be manual. RT @irfun4ever: @Mobbler if there is a “playing” tweet, all our fallowers will stop to follow us.

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We’ll probably have a default editable message with link, diff default for now playing or from list and setting for auto-love-tweet.

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If you could tweet a track, album, artist, or event form Mobbler, what would your preferred message be?

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@mobile_addict We looked into that, but unfortunately the home screen widget API is inadequate for our use. /Hugo

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@chansearrington It’s all going through @rodburns and the Symbian Horizon scheme. I’m not talking to Ovi Store directly.

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@chansearrington Soon. Apparently the Ovi store guys rejected it because they don’t have a account, or something.

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Mobbler is Better Thing no. 4! RT @symbianguru: [BLOG] : 10 Things Symbian Does Better Than Android #Symbian

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Mobbler now in Japanese! I’ll be there on holiday soon so am hoping this will help make me famous. /eartle

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