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Thanks to everyone who’s enjoyed using Mobbler. It’s been incredible and you’ve all been fantastic. Happy scrobbling!

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We had a new release planned, but it doesn’t look like it’s on the cards anytime soon and therefore probably not forever. Sorry!

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Some stats: over 1m app downloads, currently ~175,000 authenticated users, and here’s an Ovi Store download graph

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Mobbler is 5 years old today! @eartle and @hugovk are celebrating with high fives across the internet and maybe a glass of Cinzano later.

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@flexman101 Hello! Please check your password and authorised apps, I’ve received five spam DMs from you over the past week. /Hugo

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Mobblery Christmas! Tip: Disable scrobbling from the Tools menu when listening to Christmas tag radio if you don’t want it scrobbled!

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91390805lp_Blog Post #336 => Impressões aplicáveis #12: Mobbler, e scrobble // # RT pelo déjà-vu

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hugovk Go and buy today’s Times, @lukeritchiemuse has a two-page spread on his magical music boxes!

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@Martin0815 It happened 5 times in 2008/9 as well. And yep, I’ve sent a new support email to them to ask them to disable that email address.

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@Martin0815 It’s a problem with Twitter, the same thing happens with a N95 8GB. Please can you report it here? /Hugo

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lukeritchiemuse Check this awesome video by @charitchie and press the SHARE button or retweet if you’d like to enter draw for music box

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@Kaacz Hello, Mobbler’s all pure old-skool Symbian C++, no QML.

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webusermagazine @Mobbler Morning! Your Symbian app has made this week’s Appy Friday round-up!

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awv Has anyone heard of the Mobbler Brewery? Supposedly a new brewery. The Welly has two of their ales on but cant find a single thing on Google

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What’s your favourite @Mobbler tip or hack? #Symbian

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Tip: Want to scrobble a CD or vinyl to @Lastfm? In @Mobbler, Options->Search->(find & open it)->Options->Scrobble album (or just a track).

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I’m four years old today!

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@petrskuta If everything is up to date, I can’t imagine there’ll be new translations to do anytime soon, but always nice to stay in touch.

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Team Mobbler, @eartle and @hugovk, met in real life today. They had a milkshake and spoke of a new release. #excitingnews

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@gcameron00 Yep, 34.1% of February downloads were from Symbian^1 aka S60 5th edition. 13 different S^1 models. /Hugo

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Congratulations to @heathcr for the correct answer! Craig, you win exclusive @Mobbler wallpaper! Pick from here: /Hugo

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Breaking those down, S^3: 11.4%, Anna: 3.2%, Belle: 10.8%. / S60 3.0: 3.7%, 3.1: 17.5%, 3.2: 18.6%. /Hugo

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Quiz answers! S60 3rd ed. has most downloads (40%), then S60 5th ed. (34%), then Symbian^3 (inc. Anna and Belle) (26%)

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@sockymon Nope! Anna is only 3.2% and Belle is 10.8%. S60 3rd ed. has the most with 40%, then 5th ed. with 34%.1. Other S^3 is 11.4%. /Hugo

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